We are a member of the following organisations

Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange)


Sedex is a membership organisation for companies committed to the continuous improvement of ethical conduct in their supply chain. The platform offers a range of tools – also for non-members – for ethical supply chain management. www.sedex.org.uk  



Eco Vadis

EcoVadis is an international platform supporting enterprises in assessing their suppliers in terms of respect for the natural environment and social needs. EcoVadis is used in 110 countries. It contains 150 criteria for assessing companies. Worldwide, over 25,000 suppliers meet the criteria of this standard. More and more often leading international corporations require Polish companies to have EcoVadis certification.



Polska Izba Artykułów Promocyjnych

PIAP was established in February 2007. It associates, on a voluntary basis, business entities involved in the services and production of marketing materials, import, as well as companies operating as advertising agencies.

As of today, it has over 160 members, which are private sector enterprises and Polish branches of foreign corporations.



Business Social Compliance Initiative

BSCI is an international initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions in factories and farms around the world. BSCI brings together more than 1,000 companies around one common code of conduct in order to build an ethical supply chain step by step, focused on system development. The BSCI Code of Conduct is based on the most important international conventions on the protection of workers’ rights, in particular (ILO) and the recommendations of the International Labour Organisation. Like all BSCI participating companies, Sandex Bis is committed to implementing the Code throughout the supply chain.



Promotional Product Service Institute

PSI is one of the most important promotional network in the product industry – it has valuable advantages: As a manufacturer, you can benefit from excellent selling opportunities. PSI combines over 7,000 high-quality marketing products from various companies all over Europe and the world.



Solidni w Biznesie

The Solidni w Biznesie Partner Program has consistently been promoting the values of trust, credibility and security in commercial contacts between companies in the advertising industry for over ten years. The aim of the program is to support participating companies in building their reputation, strengthening a positive image and distinguishing themselves from the competition. The rules governing the program are immutable. Companies with references from other program participants or leading companies on the market receive the Solidni w Biznesie Certificate, which confirms the highest financial credibility. Membership in the Solidni w Biznesie Program gives prestige and credibility, which create an inviolable foundation in the operation of each company, and program participants, using the SWB Certificate or logo, confirm the information about the company’s reliability and solvency.



European Sourcing

Since 2020  Sandex trading is a partner of the European Sourcing – trade fair organizer and owner of Europe’s largest B2B platform dedicated to promotional products and textiles (over 400 suppliers).