Direct Asia is the perfect solution for customers who run marketing campaigns on a large scale, where quantity and price play a key role. The service is also directed to customers looking for non-standard products – not included in the catalogue offer.


Sandex offers not only excellent products manufactured in its production plants in Germany and Europe, but also the necessary expertise to import marketing items from the Far East.

Our employees in the offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong will be happy to help you directly handle your import transactions. In addition, work processes are easier and optimised thanks to direct connections to production plants as well as to dispatchers and local authorities.

Sandex, in addition to having its own production, imports marketing gadgets from the Far East. Thanks to many years of experience in cooperation with suppliers from the Far East, we have developed procedures that are necessary for the import of marketing items.

The following steps are necessary for the successful implementation of non-standard production:

1. Design
We prepare a product sketch based on the customer’s guidelines.

2. Prototype
Thanks to our graphic team, when creating a new product the only limit is our imagination. To save time and reduce the cost of making a pattern for plastic or metal products, at the beginning we make a 3D print. Thanks to this technique, we can introduce changes at the prototype stage without incurring high costs. After accepting the 3D print, we proceed to make a pre-production sample. The time of making the pattern depends on the complexity of the pattern and takes from 7 to 30 business days.

3. On-site quality control
As part of our team and close cooperation with the SGS auditing company, the production is checked for quality and product safety. As a member of Sedex, we
place great emphasis on compliance with social and environmental standards when selecting a supplier. The first pieces of the production are tested for compliance with EU regulations (REACH, RoHS, EN 71), additionally the product is checked for the content of phthalates, lead, dyes, and cadmium. Only after obtaining positive results, the product is sent to our warehouse in Poland.

4. Final inspection
After the goods arrive at our warehouse in Łomianki, each batch undergoes random quality control. Thanks to the appropriate procedures, we are able to guarantee the customer a product that is 100% compliant with the specification and the highest quality. After passing all quality tests, the product is prepared for delivery to the customer’s warehouse.

If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.