We are a Polish company, which was founded in 2006. We started our journey together with advertising towels and one employee, thus building an organization from scratch. Currently we sell our products to 20 countries in Europe.  We support our customers with the choice of advertising gifts and implementation from design to distribution. We believe that what we do makes sense, both for us and our customers. We employ over 20 people with whom we build the future of the company, and each of them has his individual contribution to the development of the brand. We owe what we have achieved to joint hard work, professionalism and mutual trust.



 We understand the impact of our actions on our colleagues, company and clients. We treat our duties responsibly and keep our commitments and our word, because mutual trust is important to us.


Support and cooperation is more valuable to us than competition. The basis of cooperation in our team is trust and openness, which we show to each other and which we work on in daily relations.


We seek and are ready for creative and unusual ideas, unique solutions and new ways of doing things. We try to create a climate that motivates our employees to innovate and look for new solutions.


Positive attitude to our work allows us to set ambitious goals and opportunities for their implementation. Belief in what we do strengthens our commitment.


We are honest with each other and with our clients. We know that honesty sometimes requires courage, but through it we build stable relationships based on complete trust.


We achieve joy in being together and creating a company together. We appreciate the efforts, actions, results and ideas of all employees. Thanks to the joy in the work we do, we do it better and better :).

How it is with us 

We would like you to get to know us better and see how our work looks like every day.

We respect our employees and the duties they have to perform, therefore they have a real impact on how their day is organized and how their duties are distributed. Everyone works independently in their area – you are responsible for the result and quality of your actions. We do not check every minute of your work and time spent, we trust each other and we know that you will do your best. We are a group and we don’t create artificial hierarchy, the most important thing is partnership and respect. Whether President or Specialist, we call each other „you” and support each other. We nurture our working bonds especially on joint trips, which are organized every year. It is a special time for Employees, because not all of us work in the office, and we do not see each other every day. The CEO knows us all, and always has a moment to catch us and exchange a few words. We know that he will support us in difficult moments and give us a helping hand. Although the company is growing every day, we try not to lose the family atmosphere and the fact that we are here together.