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Our marking techniques

Screen printing

Screen printing is a very popular printing method. A quick-to-implement solution for printing logos and marketing messages, it is perfect for printing on large areas. This method is an alternative to pad printing and allows for printing with an area limited only by the size of the screen (approx. 45 cm). The screen printing carousel enables us to print in a maximum of 10 colours. We prepare the matrix based on the sent graphic files .cdr, .eps, .ai.

Thermal transfer printing

The printing technique consisting in hot-stamping of a previously prepared foil
cut to the desired shape into the material. The use of the thermal transfer technique ensures excellent print quality. With its help, you can mark various types
of substrates.

Direct printing (DTG)

Direct printing DTG (“Direct To Garment”) is a modern technique of marking clothing that allows you to reproduce any graphics on cotton or clothing with min. 95% cotton. A DTG printer is a special printer that prints directly on fabric, e.g. a T-shirt, in a full range of colours. Perfectly reproduces colours with tonal transitions. There are no preparation costs for printing, so printing is profitable starting from 1 piece.


The printing technique consisting in hot-stamping onto the material of the previously prepared FLEX or FLOCK foil, cut on the plotter in the shape of the desired emblem or logo. The use of the thermal transfer technique ensures excellent print quality. This technology is affordable for single items and short series.
With its help, you can mark various types of substrates.

Machine embroidery

This effective marking technique is distinguished by its durability and resistance
to abrasion and discolouration. It is mainly used on hats, bags, towels, textiles.
Our offer includes embroidery up to 6 colours with a maximum size of 28x28cm.


Marking technology used mainly for printing on textiles. The given logotype should first be printed on a special medium using appropriate sublimation inks, and then transferred to the surface of the object using a special press. The logo applied in this way is durable and resistant to washing and chemical agents. We mark bright surfaces using the sublimation method.

Pad printing

It is one of the most popular printing methods due to its speed and economy. Pad printing can be used on objects made of plastic and metal. The desired shape is applied to the product with a flexible tampon. We print in several colours (1-4).
The maximum print area is approx. 5 cm. We prepare the matrix based on the sent graphic files .cdr, .eps, .ai.

Laser engraving

This technique allows for elegant and durable decoration of products. A method
in which the print design is engraved onto an object made of metal, plastic, wood, leather or glass. The colour of the engraving depends on the type of material the marked object is made of. We use Co2 and YAG lasers to mark marketing materials with this technique. We prepare the matrix based on the sent vector files.

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